Image of Linen double bedspread by White Pomegranate - Yellow & Silver

Linen double bedspread by White Pomegranate - Yellow & Silver - £228.00

Yellow & Silver large bedspread

This collection from White Pomegranate, the first in our handpicked modern range, is steeped in the essence of the 1919-1933 Bauhaus movement. Bold colour and design give emphasis to modernist abstraction. The slogan “Art into Industry” is the foundation of the company and hence, this is White Pomegranate's signature collection.

We loved this fabric so much that makers White Pomegranate have designed these bedspreads exclusively for the MAR-DEN Collection. Truly original and currently the only stockists in the UK.

Size of double bedspread: 240cm x 260cm

Composition of fabric: 64% linen / 36% cotton

Fabric on the back: 100% cotton (Kora fabric from India)

"Kora" is a fabric from the fine cotton sourced through hot and dry Tamil areas of India.

Shipping from India included. Delivery time: 10-12 days

Please contact us for a 5 day priority shipping service.

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